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Lyn's Blog:

March 17, 2020

Okay, with this blog I'm going tick-off people but so what, the debate was a joke, any woman that believes the Democrats are for women and their issues, are some of the stupidest people, who are going to vote for a democrat after having the SEXISTS DNC white men leave off the debates a Moderate, Military serving woman, Tulsi Gaddarb (HI) and think a socialists or someone that doesn't know what state he is in and making gaffes all the time, is going to be a good leader, has their head where the sun doesn't shine. This is uncalled for, leaving a woman off the debate stage, EVERYONE QUIT DONATING TO THE DNC, your being played for suckers. I'm even thinking of switching to a Independent, this party has become what they are accusing the Republicans of, the DNC is assuring Trump will be re-elected with their sexist attitude, everyone should write to the DNC; no more money, put all the candidates on stage for debates. If Tulsi Gabbard was put on right away, she be further ahead but because that Damn Perz, head of the DNC is a extreme leftist, he only wanted extreme liberals, he should be kicked out now!!


February 05, 2020

Where do I begin, can our party sink any lower, let's start with the speech last night where our party leader acting like a 6 year old crying because they can't have candy or when she wouldn't clap when the 13 year old was awarded a scholarship, tearing up the speech on national TV. Understand this people, we may not like Trump, but the office should be respected and any Democrat that believes in religion knows we shouldn't have hate in our hearts, we should be glad more people are working and not losing their homes. Then what happen in Iowa, a disgrace, doesn't matter whose fault, we just showed America that this party can't run a government which we showed also with Obamacare website, then the impeachment, if there was a crime than get him out but truthfully there wasn't any and with Schiff along with Nadler lying to the American people, how does anyone expect our party to get back the Democrats that voted for Trump in 2016 and with the last few days, we may have lost more Democrats to Trump for 2020, which makes our job here harder. With our young Democrats, this is not the way a party should be acting and treating the American people, we are better than this.    

January 27, 2020

One week to Iowa caucus's, we hope Iowans will take a look at Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), because it is sad to see people fall into the trap of free everything from the progressives, come on people, nothing is free, even if you don't pay federal income tax, your paying state income taxes, which the state sends a large portion to the federal government and get some of it back. How did people swallow socialism hook, line and sinker, for people wanting government out of there lives, than turn around and want government in every aspect of it, seems unreal, but it goes for the whole country, quit believing that government is giving away free health insurance, free college, free everything, they only want you under control of the government, please wake up.

November 21, 2019

We had another debate, not much for news, Harris tore into Gabbard, it will keep on being slug fests, what else are they going to talk about, they have gone as far left as they can. We do have two new candidates, don't expect it will help the field, if it does, all the better.

November 06, 2019

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) qualified for the next Democratic presidential primary debate scheduled in November, while Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) qualified to appear in the December debate stage. 

October 17, 2019

We had another debate, kind of mix about it, good to see them questioned each other about ones policies, because some of them will not be accepted by the American people in the general election for the reason of cost. We think that Beto is a total loser and should get the hell out of the race, what a disgrace.

A full-scale "Medicare for All" program is the costliest of healthcare proposals at $34 trillion over a decade, according to a new estimate from the liberal think tank Urban Institute. The proposal examined was one similar to the one pushed by Democratic presidential hopefuls Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Here is a observation, if talking about these extreme policies for the primaries, then thinking one will switch to be more moderate for the general election, does anyone think that will work when one is on record with their extremism when the majority of the people are moderate, but most of all, they are hurting the party for the future with extreme policies that will never be taken seriously because of costs.

We do have a couple of candidates that are more moderate and hopefully they will be noticed more and taken seriously. They are also not get much in coverage with our party doing nothing but impeachment, nothing else is getting done, this is not why we elected them, they have the time, if the evidence is there, take a vote and start the impeachment otherwise move on to the issues that will our everyday lives.

Have a good Halloween my friends.

September 13, 2019

Some advice that will not be accepted very well within our party, stop talking about Climate Change, not one has any idea how to fix the problem of immigration and that's people walking across the ground, how are you going to fix climate which is air?

How about fixing Baltimore, Chicago shootings, S.F. and L.A. with the homeless people in tents. Some days I feel our Party has lost it and no better than Trump.

The debate was feistier this round, one candidate that seem to have done good, Sen. Amy Klobuchar; she sought to carve out space for herself in Thursday's fractious Democratic debate as the candidate who would give voice to voters "tired of the noise and nonsense" and caught between the "extremes" of the nation's polarized politics.

"If you feel stuck in the middle of the extremes in our politics and you are tired of the noise and the nonsense, you've got a home with me," the Minnesota Democrat said. "Because I don't want to be the president for half of America — I want to be the president for all of America."

August 26, 2019

We have had a couple of candidates drop out, the majority of them are hitting Iowa and N.H. hard, we need to keep working the Midwest states, we lost Wisconsin by 12,000 votes, so we are aiming to get those votes back for our Party. Let's hope Trump keeps mis-speaking, we will hammer him and so will our candidates.

August 01, 2019

The first night of two-part Democratic presidential debate series featured strong moments from top contenders like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but it was an unlikely candidate who drew the loudest support from the audience. Marianne Williamson spoke just nine minutes during the two-hour-plus debate, but may have left a lasting mark with her impassioned statements on race and the purpose of government.

The famed self-help writer has turned heads with reasoned arguments on reparations for the descendents of slavery and the causes of the Flint, Mich., water crisis, while invoking New Age-y concepts like the “dark psychic force” of racism.

Tim Ryan from Ohio also had a strong showing and we will see more of him throughout this campaign.


July 29, 2019,

We have had a couple of interesting weeks and now we have two more debates coming up. It is with disappointment to see our party throw out the word "racists" so much, shows me that our party can not compete with issues, which we can and would have more credibility with the voters, make it easier for us to try to get back the Midwest states in 2020. I believe the "the squad" is hurting us even though it's been reported that they have had a lot of donations. They also throw out the word "racists", but when they call our Speaker "racist", it's time for them to go and our Speaker needs to cut off money and get new candidates to replace them, enough of their disrespect for our party and Speaker.

As far as impeachment of Trump, I can't jump on that ship, I think it will give him another 4 years but the main reason, none of us have the facts and if our party do not have the facts, then lets move on to the issues. Nadler says he has committed crimes, well state them and get on with impeachment, otherwise drop it and I believe our Speaker would like them to drop it, she knows what will happen and it could be we will lose the House.

Not looking for any big surprises in the debates, we still have a large field for us to view the candidates and their stance on issues.

July 09, 2019,

We had debates and nothing changed my mind, the candidates seem to be seeing who can outdo whom for giving away free anything, college, medicare, etc., but we have to be grown ups and realize that nothing is free, anyone paying taxes is paying for these programs, yes, there is a certain group of people that hear free and they want it, not realizing that if they don't pay taxes that maybe their kids do and are going to be paying for all the free programs. They did attack Trump somewhat and we all will have to do a pretty good job pointing out his weaknesses.

We now have had one candidate drop out, but Tom Steyers has announced his 2020 run for President, a smart businessman, so we will keep our eyes on him and his attacks on Trump.

June 24, 2019,

We just had another announce their 2020 Presidential run which makes 25 now running in our party, so there will be a lot infighting for awhile, so we will not concentrate on any one candidate but we will work to make our party stronger against President Trump, to push our policies that we believe in and to fight against the Republicans, may the wind be at our backs and let us state that we DO NOT condone violence of any kind, we will win on ideas.

June 10, 2019,

Within the last month, we have had two more candidates jump into the 2020 race, so we have a large field and will be interesting how it all sorts out. This last weekend we had most of the candidates in Iowa. Hoping to hear new ideas, I can tell you I didn't hear much of any differences then what has already been said by all of them in the papers and on TV. So we will watch for other events and news that all of you may be wanting to hear. Have a safe summer. 

April 22nd, 2019;

I hope everyone had a nice and pleasant Easter with their families. So now with some news that most of you heard about, Tim Ryan from OH is a candidate for 2020, which makes us very happy. He is a fair moderate and from the Midwest, which we need to recapture in 2020.

We are not happy with the extreme progressives and their policies, Sanders and Harris now talking about giving voting rights to felons in prison. People please take a moment, if you have kids or family, if one of them were not sitting there with you because of the Boston Bomber and politicians come along saying he deserves voting rights, to vote on candidates or policies, deep down, wouldn't that hurt, it would me and I'm ashamed of people in our party that go along with it..

March 14th, 2019;

Starting to get contributions, the best news from last week, is Milwaukee WI is going to be the DNC Convention City. Hopefully this will be a big plus for us getting the Midwest back in our column, we are still watching Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, to see if he will announce running and as a Independent, Bloomberg has said he's not running and we have Biden that may run.

My friends and people we talk too, are not impress with the three young ladies from MN, MI and NY, we talk about religious freedom and our Jewish friends should be treated with the same respect and then we have the Green New Deal, something that can never be paid for, we all want clean environment, but what I'm afraid of is that this shows what our colleges may be teaching, causing us a harder time to get back Democrats that voted for Trump. 

Feb. 03rd, 2019;

Looks like the 2020 field is getting interesting and the extreme progressives are losing their minds and making our party look bad, out to fleece Americans out of as much money as they can, 70% taxes, 90% taxes, Medicare for all. Even though they says the taxes would be on anyone earning over 10 million, once they find out that no where near the amount of money they thought would come in, they are heading for a VAT tax like Europe, it's hidden and it hurts the poor more than the rich. I heard something interesting that every Democrat should listen too, have you ever seen a poor person giving out jobs, so we need to quit this hurt the wealthy people crap.

It's great to see someone that says he might get in and may run as a Independent, That's Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, says Medicare-for-all will not work, wants to follow what this country was founded on, it's giving the progressives hissy fits. This is the kind of guy, a business man, a liberal but more moderate, which is what we are hoping for, maybe Michael Bloomberg might run, another businessman.

Jan. 21st, 2019;

What the hell is wrong with our party, I hope people are as disappointed as I am, majority of the media is Democratic, yet when we have someone like Buzzfeed make up lies and spread them, it's disgusting and confirms the fake news that the right says we do. I see Tom Steyer who we wanted to run in 2020, is still trying to get democrats to do anything to impeach the President, does it mean to make up lies, if so, we have a bigger swamp that needs draining than the republicans. Our side can not understand, what if the hatred is turned against you, Mr. Steyer, what if your board decided to hate you and get you thrown out of your company, would you like. Our side is playing with fire, their hating the President so much that they can't govern for the people is going to be backfire and put him back in office for another four years. The Democrats are looking like clowns and if we can't get back the democrats that voted for Trump, it's going to hurt in the future and if they keep going to the far left, I have to think about being a independent, but hopefully more moderate candidates will come to our rescue.

Jan. 14th, 2019;

Hope everyone had a nice and safe holiday, well we were hoping that Tom Steyer would run in 2020 but he has decided not too, so it doesn't leave us with any good candidates for now, hopefully a moderate governor will jump into the race.

I have to say this out loud, what is our party becoming, we have socialist and progressives running, they will not learn from history and if they would look at Europe which they want us to become, over there they are seeing what open borders do to countries, high taxes which is taking so much money from the people and for what, more free programs, nothing is free, someone has to pay for it and if not now, when.

The we have this clown Beto, showing us that he is getting his teeth cleaned, what a loser and low life, yet people like him, why, he is the type that makes our party the laughing stock of politics and you want to run this guy against Trump. Right now, Biden looks to be the most moderate, everyone else is fighting for the extreme left position. We have a ways to go but lets hope for a better candidate.

Nov. 27th, 2018;

Being in the majority in the House, we shall see if our party puts forth ideas or 2 years of revenge investigations.

I believe that both sides have their "swamp" and it needs to be purged, if one doesn't like the republicans lying to the American people, then we shouldn't accept it from our side either. Seems like when our candidates, after elected and get to DC, are told to follow in line or no money for future elections, that isn't representing the people that elected them and should cause concerns, have to say at least the republicans let their members be individuals, that's why I for one want to see different Leadership, but we won't get it. That is a reason why we need to think of the 2020 Election like the Republicans did for 2016, they were tired of their lying politicians so they voted in Mr. Trump, we need to maybe follow that model ourselves, which means maybe we should look for a businessman to run in 2020 against Mr. Trump.   

That some one could be Tom Steyer, a businessman that could give Mr. Trump a run for the Office in 2020. His business sense is a big plus and not being a politician helps. So we hope people will see the logical choice so we can win the 2020 Election.

Nov. 7th, 2018;

Let's start with the Senate and that we lost 3 seats, we have no one but Feinstein and Shumer to Thank, now we see from a committee report that a guy came forward and believes he was the one that Ms Ford was talking about. The FBI probe should have stopped and the committee admit that a mistake was made, doesn't matter what side of the aisle your on, this shouldn't happen to any American, then we have our party talking about being for women at the same time as using women for their own power, we have are own swamp to drain and get back to a more moderate party with solutions instead of a revenge party.

Now the good news is that we are in the majority in the House and what is good to see is that more women, moderate candidates were voted in, now we have to hope that they don't get sucked in by the hard core progressives and that they are there to work for the American people. I am afraid that the progressives will not listen to history and cause them to lose in 2020, which was when the republicans won back in 1994 and then impeached President Clinton in 1998, the republicans lost the House after that, so the Democrats better take note of that, revenge will lose them the House and might make it easier for Trump to win in 2020. I know our friend Tom Steyer wants Trump impeached at all costs, but we need to be smart about it, keep voting for moderate candidates and put forth a good, mild manner Presidential candidate for 2020.  

Nov. 5th, 2018;


Nov. 1st, 2018;

With the election just around the corner, we see the need to bring forth moderate candidates, now democratic candidates are being told not to talk about immigration. We are seeing people like Juan Williams say there is no invasion, no bad people, no criminals in these caravans, how stupid can people in our party get, now, don't talk about immigration, what are you afraid of or that some of the progressive policies with sanctuary cities, giving them free benefits that is helping to bankrupt the country, killing some our young American ladies in the prime of their life's (and others). There is some in our party that are putting illegals ahead of Americans, that is wrong and sic and dishonest, with the election almost over, we are going to transform to the 2020 election and see which Democratic candidates can put the party back on the right track, because our side has it's own swamp and we will keep losing elections if we don't drain it. Everyone have a good weekend.

Oct. 29th, 2018;

I hate to repeat, but looks like we may lose 3 Senate seats, then again we are going to take the House, so we need to get people out to vote.

I'm going to say something you may not like, but when are we going to be Americans of yesterday? when we disagree on policy but were civil to our opponents. We had a terrible tragedy this last weekend, right away the media is blaming President Trump, how dare you, Maxine Waters is telling people to go out and confront people, your blaming the president, whom I don't like but not going to blame him for some lunatic. We deserve to lose and the democrats that voted for Trump to not come back to our party, we have some idiots that don't understand what they are doing and how it hurts the party, we don't have a big enough party to keep losing democrats to Trump, the sooner they figure that out and be civil, then it won't be so hard for some of us working to bring those democrats back to our side.

Oct. 22nd, 2018;

Looks like we will lose 2-3 Senate seats, Feinstein really hurt the party and needs to retire, she has gone so low in politics, but so far what was done in the Senate is not hurting us in the House races and looks like we will get back in the majority. We have 2 weeks left before voting, what could hurt us in the House is people like Maxine Waters and others telling people to confront the Republicans, I keep saying it, keep showing violence and the democrats that voted for Trump WILL NOT come back to our party. Come on people, it doesn't matter what side your on, we are Americans and we don't hurt our fellow man. We here at Democrats for Liberty are playing the long game, to get good moderate Democrats in office and after this election, we need to start working on 2020 and getting the big Bully out of office, so please help and contribute for us to do just that. 

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