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To elect candidates on the national level and make more gains for our Party. We need to look at several factors in planning these actions, we have seen survey after survey show that the country is 20% Liberal and 40% is Conservative and have seen with the 2016 election, some moderate Democrats voted for Mr. Trump. If he improves the economy with jobs and with the violent protests happening throughout the country, we will never get those Moderates back in the Democrat Party, so moderate candidates are needed, somewhat fiscally conservative but liberal on social issues, to get people believing in our party and rebuild it, to give our Party a young, strong “bench” for the future.

We understand the frustration across our country, we need candidates that put the needs of hardworking Americans over special interests and who understand that the best investment we can make is in the American people.

We now have a majority in the House, let's hope the hardcore Progressives that run the Democrat party will govern on issues that we care about.

We need to start now on the 2020 Presidential Election.


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