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"Democrats for Liberty" was formed to counter Trump and the Republican Elites, we need to learn from the past but also seeing what Europe politics mean for the people, it is all in front of us and we need to only learn from it all. 

HealthCare; look at what is happening in this country and elsewhere, we have single payer, it's the VA and people are dying, England has single payer, besides long waiting times, bad surgeries, do any of you want a court making decisions for you with your children? Canada has single payer and it's documented about the long waiting times for procedures, as Moderates, we want to make our own decisions for our families, not the government.

Companies run by Democrat owners are aware that a lot of regulations can hurt their businesses, they are not running businesses to give it all to the government, they also don't want to see customers burden so much that they are not buying products. Then we see a very Liberal CEO put people down and what happens? look at Kelloggs, lost millions and had to lay off people, but that is rare, most businesses run by Democrats go out of their way with good customer relationships.

Then there is Hollywood, tell us, do you like a big government that lies to you while your donating to them? Do you want the government telling you what your children will eat in school, even at private schools or have no say in what is being taught in classes?  We have seen when you insult people, that movies in the past "tanked", now we have Liberal Studios showing more violence and some pretty bad shows, taking off a conservative show because of their hatred, but here's what everyone is missing, with over 94 million people out of work, viewership is declining, more people are tuning out, even young people don't like the shows Hollywood is trying to reach them with. A lot more people are disconnecting from cable because what the Studios are showing but also the increase in ads and pretty soon companies are going to say to themselves, with viewership declining and leaving cable, doesn't pay for us to advertise on TV, when they leave and with the people not watching, what happens Hollywood?

Democrats hatred for Trump is not producing any policies for us to promote and get support for, we need to get ahead of Trump on some of these policies and make our side for the everyday American. Trump gave us a fair immigration policy, it was more than Obama was going to give us and yet because of the Trump hatred, we lost it. The Black unemployment is the lowest in years and Obama didn't do anything about it, we may lose a large portion of that voting block, we need to show clam, rational policies for the American people before Trump does and to stop with the name calling, voters will not come back to our party with that kind of talk or violence and no policy ideas. 

We hope Companies, Unions, College Professors, our like minded public servants in government, Teachers and all others join us in making sure that we elect the right candidate that believe in our principals. Please Donate.

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